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„Mein SuB kommt zu Wort“ ist eine Aktion von Anna von AnnasBucherstapel.de. Die Aktion findet immer am 20. des Monats statt, unabhängig des Wochentages. Teilnehmen darf jeder, wann immer er Lust und Zeit dazu hat. Die vierte Frage ist hier bereits im Voraus einsehbar. Die Fragen dürfen auch nach dem 20. noch beantwortet werden.
"My TBR has the Word" is a monthly segment (every 20th of the month) by AnnasBucherstapel.de

1. How thick are you at the moment?
Last month I was 98 books thick and this month I'm proud to say that I lost 6 books. Kerstin did work really hard and didn't buy a single book, just as she promised. I'm surprised that the batty old hag actually managed that. I'm not saying that I'm proud of her, but she didn't do too bad this month. 

2. How did the TBR care go so far? Show me your three newest members!

My three newest members are still from last month:
1. "The Chemestry of Death" by Simon Beckett (German)
2. "Otherland - River of Blue Fire" by Tad Williams (German)
3. "The hanging Tree" by Ben Aaronovitch

3. Which book left you lately because it was read? Was it a TBR-corpse, a part of a series, a new book, or an advanced readers copy and how did your owner like it?
The last book my owner read was "The Eye of the Moon" by Anonymous, part two of the Bourbon Kid series.


It's like a Quentin Terrantino movie as a book. Very bloody and brutal. But still kind of funny. The Wild West meets the modern world, vampires, mummies and more. 

4. Dear TBR, in 10 days 2016 comes to an end. What is your conclusion for the year? Could you lose some books or did you gain some?
This year I lost 10 books. That's not too bad when you consider that y owner is a bookaholic and buys books as soon as she is a little stressed. And she works in a bookstore, which makes it even worse.
We'll see what happens next year. She wants to reduce me to 50 books, but she wanted to do that for the last couple of years. We'll see... 

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